AWARDS -  All awards will be announced on JT Horse Shows website, Facebook page  and emailed out by May 8th.  All scores will be made available on  website, facebook, and will be added in comments on videos for public  viewing. 

Class Awards: Each class will be awarded 1st through 6th place. 


Division awards:   Highest FOUR Placed scores in each each division (2 scores for  Partnership, liberty, and freestyle) will used to calculate division  Champions and placing by divisions.  Awards for 1st through 4th for  Amateur, Open, and Junior contestants. 

Overall High Point and Soft Feel Awards:  Top  FOUR highest PLACED classes will be counted for high point and soft  feel (uses soft feel score). (Freestyle, Partnership and Liberty do not  count toward high point or Soft feel awards.)

Honorary Awards: Top score from contestants entering for Honorary Veteran or Cancer awards will be used and awarded.  

Judge's Try Award: Show Judge will choose one contestant to award the Jack Brainard Judge's Try Award.  

Virtual Top Wrangler Award: Top  Wrangler will be awarded to the open, Amateur, and Junior contestants  that earns the highest points on any In Hand test, Challenge Court test,  and Flat Court test.  Points are calculated using the test score  multiplied by the test weight.  Tests are weighted with the higher level  tests earning more points. A list of test weights can be viewed here.  All contestants meeting the criteria are automatically entered into Top Wrangler!

JT CD Virtual Year End and Year End Top Virtual Wrangler Awards:  Top  6 scores in the same division from 3 different judges from the JT  virtual CD shows.  There are no division restrictions. You can qualify  in multiple divisions.  Year End Virtual Top Wrangler will also be  awarded (Needs to have competed in Top Wrangler in 3 JT horse show  virtual gatherings).

CDW Scores: Virtual  Show scores count toward liberty advancement, Clinician status, and  Cowboy Dressage World Virtual year end awards for Remuda Members ONLY.   Virtual score do NOT count toward Remuda end of year awards - those are  from live shows and gatherings only.