How to Video your Tests


- Your video must be recorded on a correctly laid out Cowboy Dressage Court (Half Court, Challenge Court or Open Court). Click here for information on how to lay out the Courts.

- You must adhere to Cowboy Dressage rules for attire and tack for your recording. (See Rules and Regulations)

- Take video from behind letter C, where Judge would normally sit. Stand at least 10 feet behind C, and be elevated (as a judge on a dais would be)

- Use zoom to follow the horse to the end of the court

- Keep the area for the maneuver in camera, e.g. if it is a 20 meter circle, keep the whole 20 meters in the frame

- Do not add music to video, include sound recorded during the video recording

- Here is an example of a well videoed test:

- Upload Video to You Tube at SWCowboyDressage Channel. When you enter the show, you will receive an email giving you authorization to Upload to our Channel. When your video is ready you can upload it.

- Naming Protocol: Your video should be titled as follows: Test Abbreviation-LastName-Horse, e.g. POGWJ2-Mackenzie-QuillaneAdele. Click here for list of Test Abbreviations

- If you have problems uploading your videos, please contact us for assistance at